A comprehensive analysis platform to serve the needs of Particle Physics and Astrophysics communities.

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The Virtual Research Environment

The Virtual Research Environment is an analysis platform developed at CERN serving the needs of scientific communities involved in European Projects. Its scope is to facilitate the development of end-to-end physics workflows, providing researchers with access to an infrastructure and to the digital content necessary to produce and preserve a scientific result in compliance with FAIR principles. The platform’s development is aimed at demonstrating how sciences spanning from High Energy Physics to Astrophysics could benefit from the usage of common technologies, initially born to satisfy CERN’s exabyte-scale data management needs.

The Virtual Research Environment’s main components are:


  1. A federated and reliable Authentication and Authorization layer
  2. A federated distributed storage solution (the Data Lake), providing functionalities for data injection and replication through a Data Management framework (Rucio)
  3. A computing cluster supplying the processing power to run full analyses with Reana, a re-analysis software
  4. An enhanced notebook interface with containerised environments to hide the infrastructure’s complexity from the user.


The deployment of the Virtual Research Environment is open-source and modular, in order to make it easily reproducible by partner institutions; it is publicly accessible and kept up to date by taking advantage of state of the art IT-infrastructure technologies.

The Science Projects which are using the VRE are described here.

If you are a scientist or a new user curious to use the above resources, please refer to the following documentation:

  1. AAI
  2. Rucio Data Lake
  3. Reana cluster
  4. Notebook service

If you want to deploy the VRE on your own infrastructure, of you want to submit an issue to help us improve the platform, please follow the developer documentation.


To contact the CERN VRE team with questions, doubts, problems accessing the meetings Indico category or the monitoring dashboards, please join the Slack channel. For more formal requests, i.e. conferences, webinars and events presentations, please email us at

Join the community

There are two recurrent meetings open to all scientists/researchers/developers interested in the VRE.